How to Refresh Your Face for Fall: Undoing Summer’s Damage

While you were having a great time outdoors, at the beach, or pool this summer, exposure to the sun, chlorine and saltwater most likely had a negative effect on your skin, especially on your face.   The arrival of fall and cooler temperatures can be a time of transition for your skin, as it loses hydration from the cooler air.   In order to combat the damage from summer and the dryness of fall, your skin needs some special care with exfoliation and hydration.

Sun Damage

After the summer, you may notice brown spots, or hyperpigmentation, on your face.  This is one of the most common effects from the sun on your skin.  UV rays can have a number of other harmful effects as well, including dialated  capillaries, uneven skin tone, redness, and dullness.  You may also have some flaky patches where the chlorine or saltwater dehydrated your face.   

The good news is that you can reverse the damage from the summer sun, as now is the perfect time for facials.  In fact, there are several facial treatments that you can do to help restore your face’s fresh feeling and appearance.  

Facial treatment:  

A facial treatment can provide your skin with hydration and balance. A facial includes exfoliation, steaming, purification, and massage, and is a great way to get your skincare routine back on track after summer. A custom facial, like our Lindsay Taylor Rewind Facial, will address your skin’s specific needs through the use of a superficial peel at the beginning and a collagen mask to finish the treatment.

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Facial Mask:  

A specialized facial mask can provide the ultimate hydration for your face to get rid of any dry, scaly patches. Our Marine Mask contains algae, which is one of the most nutritious ingredients you can use, and can be applied toward the end of a facial.


Sun damage speeds up the aging process, however, microdermabrasion procedure will help to smooth skin, even skin tone, and lighten sun damage. If skin is scaly from sun exposure, this will exfoliate to create a smoother appearance.  

Chemical Peel:  

Chemical peels are offered in a variety of strengths and can give your complexion a brighter appearance.  Deep chemical peels that penetrate the surface layers of the skin can correct sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.  

These fall facial treatments can jump start your skin care routine, but your at home routine for maintenance is equally important. Fall calls for some different products and routines. For example, switching to a richer moisturizer may be necessary as air becomes drier. This will serve as a protective layer while reducing water loss. Using an exfoliant will get rid of any dull, flaky skin.  And even though the temperatures are dropping, and the sun is not as strong, don’t forget to use sunscreen daily. The sun’s rays are still strong enough to cause damage.

To refresh your face this fall, speak to one of our estheticians on how we can restore your skin to what it should be, and protect it from the colder weather.  We are proud of the education we provide to our clients about how to care for their face with the change of seasons.

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