Our Ingredients are More Active than Your Ingredients

We are often asked "Is there something you can recommend from the drug store for products?". The short answer is NO. It is not that we think there are no decent products for sale in the aisles of your local box store. Or that we are elitist snobs and think that our product lines that we carry are the only ones that everybody should use. The most notable reason is that we are educated in our product lines that we use and recommend to you. We are not educated in what CVS or Walgreens has to offer. And who are you going to ask to help you when you are wandering up and down those aisles with a dizzying array of things to choose from? The guy behind the photo counter? I think not. 

There is no doubt that the products that are carried and sold in a spa, salon or skin studio in Westborough are going to be a more substantial financial investment than something you will find in a drug or box store setting. Let's break it down as to why that is. 

Many of you may not have heard of what we refer to as professional product lines such as Jurlique, Decleor, Dr. Spiller or Bioelements. And, of course, our favorites........Ilike Organic Skin Care, Previse and jane iredale. But I am willing to bet that you HAVE heard of Aveeno, St. Ives, Olay or Clean and Clear. These mass market brands are typically part of one of the big corporate conglomerates and have an even bigger budget for marketing and advertising. 

So if these professional lines do not spend their money on advertising and marketing to the general public, you would think they could have a lower price point, right? What they do not spend on advertising they spend on the most important thing to us as estheticians...........the ingredients. Many of these professional lines were started by estheticians who know what the value is of not only higher quality of ingredients but of a higher percentage of active ingredients in the product. 

We remind our clients that, amongst all of the other functions of the skin, it is an organ of absorption. This means that what we put on the surface is being absorped and metabolized in our bodies. One of our guide posts for choosing our product lines at Lindsay Taylor SPAtique was what was left OUT of products as well as what was included as active and inactive ingredients. 

The other major consideration for our professional lines is education. We are educated through many different modalities as to the features, benefits, ingredients and efficacy of the products that we carry. We use these products during our facial treatments. We recommend them to our cherished clients. We use them ourselves at home. We give them to our family and friends to use. We are passionate about them. We believe in them. We know them inside and out. Try to find that next time you are in a drug store. 

With a Smile in my Heart, 


The journey is the fun part. Thanks for being part of mine.