Professional Eyebrow Waxing in Westborough

When it comes to eyebrow waxing, it’s always best to go to an eyebrow waxing professional or esthetician.  The true picture of your arch is best seen from an outside perspective. Of course, your magnifying mirror has been telling you a different story through the years, but to hear from an outsider is have a new point of view. A successful eyebrow waxing experience done by a professional can redefine your entire face, and even highlight your best facial features, like you never expected. But without an outsider’s perspective, you see your eyebrows from your own limited, and perhaps obsolete, perspective. So, to achieve a good salon or spa experience when you go for eyebrow waxing, it’s best to learn about not just waxing, but about all the necessary procedures that go with it including: tweezing, penciling, filling, coloring and general fine tuning.

Not all of us were born with picture perfect arches and so most of the time, we need to rely on an esthetician to get a perfect brow. Waxing can give you that perfect straight line but only with the other methods can you really fine tune your spa experience. Thus, a true professional will know what to do when she encounters small growing hairs for example. Having at least one professional eyebrow waxing experience will help you define the shape of your brows. Then you can decide on whether to maintain them on your own or if you must go have them professionally fixed once in a while. Celebrities get professional waxing services every 4 - 6 weeks at least. Perhaps you should too.

 Tricks with Filling in Brows

There are many kinds of brow fillers to give your arches a full-layered look including pencils, gels, waxes and powders. It comes down to a personal preference and ease of use when deciding which is best for you personally. They all come in a variety of colors and shades to give you the most natural look. Another really popular and longer-lasting choice is to have your brows tinted. The esthetician uses a semi-permanent, vegetable based dye to fill in those areas that might be sparse or to give lighter colored brows some needed definition. Many people get both done at the same time as the results typically last about the same amount of time. 

A general consensus from the pros is to not tweeze between your appointments. The goal is to get your hair all growing out on the same growth pattern. Tweezing inbetween professional waxings will disrupt that pattern. 

 Going to a Pro

Going to a professional esthetician also helps you avoid over-tweezing, plucking, filling or penciling.  He or she can help you choose the right color, color combination and intensity in case you want to give your brows some shade. He will also help you avoid removing good and important hairs.  Now the question is how to find the right professional.  The best way is to ask for recommendations from friends and co-workers. If you must go online, look for customer’s comments about them. When you’ve found one, you might want to go on a one-on-one with them to learn more about them.  When convinced, then you can try them out. Nothing beats being careful.

For frequency of waxing, once every 4 to 6 weeks is common practice so it’s best to make an appointment on the 2nd week to allow hair to grow back. You can remove stray hairs during the waiting period with a tweezer. When unsure about a specific hair, it’s best to just wait it out until the day of your appointment.

On the day of waxing, tell the esthetician what you want. Ask to be enlightened about what they plan for your brows. Every customer wants to have beautiful brows that enhance their best features.


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