We take the responsibility of choosing the right products very seriously. We have several high standards that a product line has to meet before we are comfortable recommending it to our cherished clients. Some of those parameters include:

  • No harsh ingredients that will result in stripping the skin of its’ natural protective mantle
  • Small batch production to ensure that products are not sitting around on a warehouse shelf for months before they arrive at our doorstep
  • The absence of ingredients that are not only non-beneficial but can be potentially harmful to our skin and our health. A short list of examples includes parabens as preservatives, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil and chemical sunscreens.
  • Cruelty-free
  • Environmentally and socially conscientious
  • Most importantly...they deliver the results they claim they do. Nothing else really matters unless your skin is healthy, balanced and radiant!

We have a few different professional skin care lines to choose from. It has been our experience that the more choices we have, the better we can customize our recommendations for you. This allows us to “cherry pick” from the various lines to assure that you have unparalleled options to benefit your complexion most effectively.