Facial Treatments

We pride ourselves on the education we provide to our clientele every day. We are passionate about skin care and we like to spread that passion around. One of the things you will hear us say all the time is that while we love giving facials and other skin treatments, it is only part of the formula toward maintaining your best level of skin health.

Using proper skin care products at home will only enhance the results you will get following your in-spa treatment with us. We are happy to recommend a basic skin care routine as well as accessory products for you to have glowing skin all the time... not just after your visit. We have done a lot of research to be able to offer you skin care lines that will extend the benefits of your facials using ingredients that deliver results. It is also important to us that these lines leave out certain ingredients that we feel are not only non-beneficial but could potentially be harmful.

Beautiful skin also may take some lifestyle changes that we are happy to talk to you about. While we are not medical professionals, we do know the improvement that some of these changes can make for the positive on your skin. We are not here to judge anyone’s choices. We are here to help you have the healthiest skin for years to come.

Ilike Organic Facial

This treatment showcases our Ilike Organic Skin Care line. Let your esthetician build a facial for you using these powerful plant-based products to suit your skin care needs. Whether you require some deep cleansing, revitalization, major hydration or balancing for your skin (or all of the above!)  we have the products, treatments and education to deliver remarkable results with this superior facial. Treat yourself to an Ilike Organic Facial by itself or you can upgrade it with a Yogurt Power Peel or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Fruit Peel.

Lindsay Taylor Custom Facial

Allow our highly trained estheticians to use their expertise and guide you to the best treatment for your skin using all of our results-driven products available at their fingertips. After a thorough cleansing, consultation and analysis of your skin, we will continue with an exfoliation, steaming, manual purification, massage and finishing mask. The inclusion, timing and sequence of these steps will completely depend upon that initial analysis with up front communication to match your expectations. We can recommend any add-on services that would best benefit your skin at the time of your service.

Clarifying Facial

Tailored for those of us who struggle with too much oil production resulting in clogged and problematic skin that is in need of purification. This treatment utilizes either a lactic acid or enzyme peel to allow us to do the job of cleaning out your skin in a more efficient manner. We will finish with a healing mask to balance and calm your skin without dehydrating or stripping it. No matter your chronological age this treatment will set you back onto the path of attaining glowing skin you will be proud to show off.

Rewind Facial

We hear it all the time: ”What can I do about my ______________?” No matter if you fill in the blank with fine lines, age spots, lack of moisture or dull skin, the Rewind Facial is the answer. We will choose the proper exfoliation and serum to bring the luster back that may have been lost. A collagen sheet mask at the end will plump your skin out to its former suppleness. This treatment can get you Red Carpet or parent teacher conference ready. Your secret is safe with us!


Add ons:

  • Yogurt Power Peel or AHA Fruit Peel / These intense peels exfoliate, soften and refine the skin while helping to even out the complexion. Can be done at the beginning of the facial or by itself. Peels are best done in a series to get the most benefit. We can further upgrade the peel by layering a Hungarian Paprika treatment over it for the WOW factor.
  • Collagen Treatment / Collagen is a natural magnet for water for our skin. When used as a treatment ingredient, it plumps up the outer layers of the skin while imparting a superior level of hydration. This treatment is great for anyone that needs an extra boost of moisture in their skin.
  • Marine Mask / This highly effective seaweed based mask is a calming treatment applied at the end of your facial service. The algae contained in the mask is one of the most nutritious ingredients for your skin while aiding in desensitizing any inflammatory conditions. All skin types can benefit from this amazing mask.
  • Enzyme / When done at the beginning of the facial, this exfoliating mask will help to soften the skin. It works by naturally and gently breaking down the dead skin cells on the surface making penetration of the rest of the facial ingredients that much more effective. Enzymes are especially beneficial to aid in treating darker areas of the skin when done in a series.
  • Microdermabrasion / We use a diamond-tipped head to offer you one of the deepest exfoliations we can. A microdermabrasion not only goes deeper to remove dead skin but the secondary benefits include the skin’s ability to kick up its’ collagen production to support your beautiful skin in the manner to which it has become accustomed. A must-do in a series before special events or when you feel the need for the best glow your skin can experience.


We are happy to offer the most gentle, yet effective wax we could find. Our hard wax contains azulene which is valued for its ability to calm the skin so it does not leave you looking irritated. Any waxing will start with a full consultation including asking about any new medications or health conditions that could be a contraindication.

We take extraordinary care with our brow shaping to ensure your complete and utter satisfaction. Whether it is for a clean-up for maintenance or a new design to best complement your face and eyes, you will be in the best hands!

oncology services

Unfortunately the diagnosis of cancer has touched down in so many of our lives. The whirlwind of treatment options and many other factors are swirling around in the person’s life. What often gets neglected is the ravaging effects that certain curing therapies can have on the skin. Sometimes they just want to be a spa client and not a patient. We do not underestimate the power of touch that can have its own kind of healing properties. We have created services that take into consideration whatever treatment has been experienced, aftermath of surgery and sensitivity to certain ingredients. These services are appropriate for someone either going through treatment currently or in the past. Special products have been chosen for these special treatments. We also welcome caretakers to give themselves some time to have just for themselves. We have been there. We get it. This is where compassion meets beauty.
Read more about our Oncology Services in Westborough in our blog. 

Massage in westborough

There is no denying that receiving a massage is one of life’s pleasures that automatically evokes euphoric feelings of relaxation, decompression and unwinding. Just saying the word could easily make one involuntarily say “Ahhhhhhhhhhh”. Besides the ability to take away your present stresses, there are so many other benefits to massage including stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, pain management and promotion of better sleep patterns. We have several modalities to choose from for your massage therapy. Let us recommend the one (or combination) that will best suit your needs. There are a list of massages we offer for our customers.