Tell Me About Your Facials

When scanning a menu for a spa, the choices can be dizzying. We offer many different kinds of facials at Lindsay Taylor SPAtique in Westborough so we wanted to demystify what they mean, what the results are and what can be expected during your experience. Our favorite answer to the question of what is involved is "It depends.". Translation= "Let's see what your skin needs at that time and we can make the recommendation then". 

There are some basics that will be included in all facials that are the foundation of our procedures here at the spa in Westborough. We will remove any makeup and cleanse your skin with an acid balanced cleanser. While we are doing that, we are asking you questions about your skin challenges and victories and find out what you are using on your skin day to day presently. We will also want to know anything that is going on medically, what allergies or sensitivities you may have and what your experience has been with getting facials in the past. After we do a complete cleansing, we will do a thorough analysis of your skin. It is this analysis, along with all of the consultation questions which help us formulate a plan for your treatment. We will determine (and discuss with you) your skin type, hydration level, degree of sensitivity, any pigmentation issues, the texture of your skin and the tone/elasticity. 

Typically that analysis will be followed by an exfoliation treatment of some sort to aid in removing some of the dead skin cells off the surface. This may involve a physical exfoliant which gets up underneath dead skin cells and lifts them off. An exfoliant of this type would have some kind of ingredient with texture to it to do that job effectively. Ingredients such as corn meal and jojoba beads do a great and gentle job in this case. The other option is a chemical exfoliant whereby an enzyme or fruit acid is used to dissolve either the dead skin cells themselves or the substance that holds them together. Sometimes we choose to do both a physical and chemical exfoliant to allow for better product penetration and to give that beautiful glow we are all trying to achieve. 

Either during or after the exfoliation process, we will be steaming your skin. This is a warm mist that helps to relax the tissue of the skin making it easier to clean it afterwards. It also makes it more receptive to subsequent treatment products during the facial. Additionally we have the option of using ozone during the steaming which has an antimicrobial effect. This is especially useful when we are working on an oily, acne-prone skin.

During a basic facial treatment, the next step would be to do some cleaning out of the pores. For some people, they many have a lot to clean out and for others, that is the main thing that they need. These extractions are done manually by applying some pressure between our two forefingers in order to remove any oil or debris that is clogging the pores. This deep cleaning of the skin is followed by using a machine called the high frequency over the area. A glass electrode carrying an inert gas is massaged over the face for the purpose of stimulating blood flow and disinfecting. 

Everyone looks forward to the next step......massage! We will do a de-stressing massage for the face, shoulders, decolotee and upper back. At various times throughout the facial, you will also be receiving massage on the arms, hands and scalp. While everyone loves the obvious relaxation benefits of the massage, it does so many great things for our skin. The massage helps to stimulate our blood circulation which, in turn, brings more oxygen to the skin cells resulting in better metabolism of those cells. In other words....fresh, healthy, new cells coming up to the surface with that beautiful glow!

Toward the end of the facial, we will apply a customized mask for your particular skin type and conditions. It could be a mask based on clay, cream or gel. We may even combine a couple of these for further customization. We also have some specialty masks at our disposal containing collagen and seaweed for an extra special boost. After we remove the mask, we will finish up by applying the appropriate serum, eye cream, moisturizer and, of course, sun protection. 

After you come out of your zen state, we will be advising you as to what you can be using at home to extend the benefits of your facial treatment. To us, here at Lindsay Taylor SPAtique, that is the most important part of your time with us. While we know and believe in the many benefits of your coming to see us for a facial on a regular basis, it is what you do every day to care for your skin at home that is so effective. To make that investment to come in for a facial and not use the correct products on a daily basis is akin to going to get your teeth cleaned every 6 months and not properly brushing or flossing. Crazy, right?

We field questions about services and products every day. Please don't hesitate to call or stop by to ask us. We love to share our passion about skin care with you and look forward to doing so. 

With a Smile in my Heart, 


The journey is the fun part. Thanks for being part of mine. 


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